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BCF Press Release



October 24, 2016

Press Photo

BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen served as the auctioneer during the faculty auction raising close to $7,000 for scholarships.

Press Photo

BCF First Lady Ruth Ann Kinchen prepared snacks and goodies for the Annual Faculty Auction.

There is never any doubt among students at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville that they are supported in prayer by the faculty, staff and leadership at BCF. Each year, the generosity of the BCF family is demonstrated in the form of the annual scholarship auction held at the home of BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen and First Lady Ruth Ann Kinchen. The popular Faculty Scholarship Auction was established many years ago, but continues to have a growing, tangible effect on the lives of students through tuition assistance.

Each year, BCF's First Lady opens her home and heart, as she prepares incredible delicacies for the faculty to enjoy as they auction off items in support of the scholarship fund. All of the proceeds collected during the annual event is deposited into the scholarship fund providing financial assistance to help BCF students attend school. The revenue from this year's auction was one of the highest totals in the history of the event with almost $7,000 raised.

"Faculty Auction night is absolutely one of the highlights of the year," stated BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen. "We have the opportunity to support our Women’s Scholarship Fund and to bid for what can only be described as 'exceedingly unique' items. The cause is great, the cost is minimal and the comradery is priceless!"

Even though the highest bidders brought home the "exceedingly unique" items, it was BCF students who ultimately receive the greatest benefit from the faculty auction. Each semester, as students calculate their class expenses, many of them receive financial assistance that came directly from the scholarship auction making a huge difference in whether they are able to take classes or have to wait a semester.

In addition to the money raised during the faculty auction, the First Lady coordinates a faculty wives' booth during the Annual Holiday Heritage Festival with all of the income raised through selling chili and ham biscuits going directly into the scholarship fund. One might say that with homemade chili, ham biscuits, fifteen layered chocolate cakes, and treating BCF students to Cookie Day twice a year, BCF students have a sweet affection for Ms. Ruth Ann.

For more information on upcoming events or how to contribute to the scholarship fund, please call 800.328.2660 or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu.