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Master of Arts in Music and Worship Leadership

Graduate coursework is progressively more advanced in academic content than any of the undergraduate programs offered at The Baptist College of Florida. Graduate programs focus on higher-level learning and research in the major issues and significant scholarly literature of the respective fields. All graduate students (MACS and MAMWL) will be required to take GR 501. Introduction to Graduate Research in their first semester of graduate study. This course will assist them in further developing research methodology, in learning to conduct research in primary sources, and in upper-level writing skills and techniques. Each successive course will also require graduate-level research and writing. As students near the end of the program, various evaluations will be required that will expect the student to analyze, synthesize, and integrate graduate-level concepts. Specifically, the MAMWL program will conclude with a Comprehensive Exam, Internship, and a combined Research/Performance Project.

The Master of Arts in Music and Worship Leadership is a research and practice-oriented degree designed to equip vocational worship pastors, church musicians, and other Christian workers who desire to develop advanced skills in academic research, understanding and application in the theological foundations for worship, worship leadership, musicianship, and professional administration.

M.A. in Music and Worship Leadership | 30 Total Hours

Core Requirements (9 hours)

  • GR 501. Introduction to Graduate Research (3 hours)
  • MS 610. Music Internship (3 hours)
  • GR 680. Comprehensive Exam (0 hours)
  • MS 607. Recital Project (3 hours)

Worship Leadership (6 Hours)

  • WL 501. Biblical Foundations of Worship (3 hours)
  • WL 502. History of Christian Music and Worship (3 hours)

Musical Studies (9 Hours)

  • MS 501. Advanced Conducting (3 hours)
  • MS 502. Vocal Pedagogy for the Church (3 hours)
  • MS 503. Worship Service Leadership (3 hours)

Music Elective (Choose One)

  • MS 604. Sound and Recording for Worship (3 hours)
  • MS 605. The Large-Scale Production (3 hours)
  • MS 606. The Fine Arts Academy (3 hours)

Worship Elective (Choose One)

  • WL 604. The Arts in Worship (3 hours)
  • WL 605. Visual Media in Worship (3 hours)
  • WL 606. Leadership in Worship Ministry (3 hours)
  • WL 607. Music and Worship Ministry Administration (3 hours)

College Catalog

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