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Special Music Requirements

Applies to the following music degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music
  • Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Worship Ministry
  • Bachelor of Music Education - Choral
  • Bachelor of Music Education - Instrumental

Applied Music Examination (Jury)

All music majors taking private lessons must participate in a jury examination for the music faculty.


All full-time music majors must be enrolled in an ensemble every semester based on their principal performing area. Voice principals must be enrolled in a choral ensemble each semester. If the chosen choral ensemble is a group other than College Choir, the student must concurrently enroll in, or participate in, College Choir. Instrumental principals must be enrolled in an instrumental ensemble each semester. Guitar and keyboard principals will enroll in their respective ensembles upon recommendation of their professor.

Piano Proficiency

All music majors are required to pass all components of the piano proficiency prior to upper-level applied study. Students who cannot pass the proficiency skills may enroll in Piano Proficiency Skill classes. Students must enroll in the appropriate piano proficiency class until all proficiencies have been passed.


Students must be enrolled in applied music in order to present a senior recital.

Recital Attendance

Each semester enrolled, music majors must attend a minimum of 80% of all recitals. Music students must enroll in MUS 101. Recital Lab.

Upper Level Evaluations

This evaluation will take place no sooner than a student’s fourth semester of private performance area instruction. It will replace the end of semester jury examination.

Upper Level Examinations will include the following:

  1. Performance in the student’s performing area (BA students—20 minutes; BME students—15 minutes; CWM students—10 minutes). Students must bring an original score and a copy for each member of the faculty jury.
  2. An examination of the historical background, musical analysis, and pedagogical considerations of the Upper Level program.
  3. Program notes covering all literature in the Upper Level program.
  4. A sight-singing exam.
  5. Vocalists will be asked to play a vocal line from their literature.
  6. Instrumentalists will be asked to sight read from literature for their instrument.

The music faculty will recommend that a student continue as a music major in a chosen performance area based on performance in music classes, lessons, juries, and successful completion of all components of the Upper Level Examination.

Transfer students will enter the evaluation process at a time equivalent to that of BCF students. Transfer students who enter the junior level must complete the Upper-Level Evaluation during their first semester of study at BCF.

College Catalog

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