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Academic Advising

Helping you make the best chocies

Planning for academic success should begin early, preferably before a student enrolls in the first course at Baptist College of Florida (BCF), and continue throughout a studentís academic career. To assist students with academic planning, BCF offers the following:

Ongoing Advisement: Current students can receive advisement from assigned staff and faculty advisors. Students are responsible for contacting their advisors in person or via e-mail or telephone. Students may also receive advisement or advisor information through the advisement office at (800) 328-2660, ext. 454.

Graduation Check: Students may request the registrar to complete a review of their transcripts to determine eligibility for graduation. Normally, these requests are made during a studentís junior and senior years. Students may also review their academic records on the BCF Campus Web Link opens a new window by using web-based tools.

Students with disabilities should contact the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator for assistance at (800) 328-2660, ext. 465. Tutorial help may also be gained through the Information Technology Lab at (800) 328-2660, ext. 548.

Points to remember

Follow the policies, guidelines, and curricula in the catalog in force at the time of your enrollment. You may change to the catalog in force at the time of your graduation; however, you should study carefully both catalogs before requesting a change because the new catalog requirements may cause you to enroll additional semesters to meet new requirements.

Students may change majors, but must follow the catalog in force at the time of the change. Contact the department chair in the area of the new degree to request a degree program change.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your schedule. So, take responsibility for your academic plans and career and become an informed, self-directed learner. Remember, you may contact the advising office for help at any point in your academic career.

For Advising Questions Contact

Stephanie Orr
(800) 328-2660 ext. 454